Star-Flower Alchemy

Are you ready to work with the issues in your astrology chart?

As I study the charts with you and listen to your experience, I also hear the voice of the plants who ask to be part your journey. At the end of the session I offer you an essence made from the vibratory pattern of a flower, which you will take daily over the next month. Combining flower essence therapy with astrology is to take remedial action based on the information in the chart.  These gentle but powerful plant remedies work with issues of body, mind and spirit.

As a Druid, deeply connected to the earth’s spirit, I want to bring the natural world into my practice of astrology.  Flower essences make a healing connection between the plant realm of the earth, and the issues of the astrology chart.

Embrace your potential for self healing, and self appreciation.

I ask you to make a commitment to a minimum of three sessions with Star-Flower Alchemy over a period of three months. Each flower essence formula brings you to another step in opening to your potential for self-healing and awareness.

Flower essences work with issues we might categorize as problems of body, mind or spirit, but these distinctions disappear as you work with what one of my clients calls 'medicine for the soul'

Flower Essences Available

Sessions are available in person in Natick, MA., or by phone 508.652.9880.  Contact Sarah to make an appointment.

You can contact me about a tutoring program tailored to your needs, put yourself on my mailing list to receive information about future group activities, or watch my web site for future teaching plans.
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