Star-Flower Alchemy
Star-Flower Alchemy
A misty pearl over head,
Moon swings, trembles,
small as the adjustment,
made by the trembling fingers
of an old man in a grey sweater,
as he propels the metal hand
on the clock he has just wound
until the chime beats out the hour.

       -Sarah Fuhro 2007
What happens in an Astrology Session?

First we look at your natal chart, the symbolic pattern of the sky at the moment you were born. The chart shows your natural resources, talents, strengths and priorities. It can help you to focus on important issues and to discern what is distraction.

Next we look at the changes occurring in the present and their effect on your chart. This can assist your decisions about timing, where to put your energy and efforts.

As an astrologer, I see each person's chart as a treasure chest. How you use the patterns symbolized in your horoscope is unique to you. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of the soul at work as we explore your chart together.

Astrology sessions and Tarot readings are available in person in Natick, MA., or by phone 508.652.9880.  Contact Sarah to make an appointment.

You can contact me about a tutoring program tailored to your needs, put yourself on my mailing list to receive information about future group activities, or watch my web site for future teaching plans.
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